It's A Kean World

Now this book is truly undiscovered.  Fun book that nobody's read.  I'm guessing mostly because it was never published on paper.   

So here's the deal.  I wrote the book pictured above.  Doesn't that tell you about all you really want to know? 

Born and raised in Mississippi.  Undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University:  Law degree from University of Mississippi School of Law:

Have written a thousand or so articles for newspapers and magazines. 

Married with two children and two grandchildren.

Currently reside in Alabama.

Okay, I wrote the one pictured here as well.  Between this and Stupid I made thousands of dollars and understand that more than ten people actually read Deadly Sacrifice. 

Always looking for new publications interested in a good humor columnist.  If you like what you see here, send an e-mail.  I've written weekly columns for years and can guarantee a good product in a timely manner. 

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