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Got Seashells Now What?

By []Lois Kean

Just back from that summer vacation on the beach with a car full of seashells? They were fun to collect and you only sustained a mild sunburn while walking on the sand and touching your toes in the water. But now they sit in the garage, maybe a little smelly and facing an uncertain future at best. It is time to get those creative juices flowing.

You saw lots of seashell creations in the tourist shops along the beach. Maybe you even bought one or two. Most of them are simple to make and you will have lasting memories of the fun you had. So how do you get started?

First spend some time on the Internet. Search for seashell crafts or seashell angels and you will be led into a world of seashell creations. These creations will range from fine jewelry to something a child can make. You might also do a search on web sites such as ETSY where hand crafted items are sold.

With your head now full of ideas, it is only necessary to obtain a few tools of the trade. The most important item you will need is a hot glue gun. They are inexpensive and should represent the largest single expenditure you have. There are glues especially made for seashells, but trust me a hot glue gun is the best for items that will last.

The serious seashell collectors use a quick dip in muric acid and then water to clean shells. For those who want something more simple, a cycle in the dishwasher will do an adequate job for most shells. If some need further cleaning let them sit in rubbing alcohol. You might need an exacto knife to finish the job on a few shells.

Whether it is on a porch or in the corner of a room, you will need some dedicated space to work. Assuming you have a fairly large collection of seashells it would be a good idea to organize your shells by size, type or color. This makes it much easier to find just the right shell when you are crafting.

Practice makes perfect as the saying goes so start simple and glue four shells together to make a seashell angel. This is one of the easier things to make. If that seems too tough then buy a small wooden cross and glue shells on it. You can use Styrofoam or wood as a base for your creations. Of course let your imagination be your guide, just give a little thought to your project before going crazy with the hot glue gun.

Once you have your seashell angel or other creation put together, spray it with a clear gloss to protect, enhance the colors and provide a little shine. After the gloss dries completely you can use scrap ribbon and small beads for decoration. You might also want to glue a ribbon on the back side near the head to use your seashell angel as a Christmas ornament.

The job of gluing your shells to a cross or wreath or on a jewelry box becomes quite simple with practice, the real art is choosing which shells to put where. This is when your personal creativity comes into play.

So rescue those shells from your garage and start crafting.

Lois Kean is a dedicated shell crafter. She has been collecting seashells for many years and recently began her own business making and selling seashell crafts. You may contact Lois through her web site at:

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