Money Make or Scam


Billions of dollars are being made on the Internet. Wouldn't it be nice if you could grab a few thousand of those billions? How hard could it be? A question asked by many and legitimately answered by very few. Let's examine the basic aspects of making money on the Internet and determine what is factual and what is merely a polished version of a very old scam.

First the basics, which you likely understand. Making money on the Internet, as opposed to making money by facilitating the Internet, is simple to explain and difficult to accomplish. There are normally three steps: create a web site; put your own or someone else's information or products for sale on the site; get visitors (potential customers) to your site.

Creating a web site is remarkably easy this day and age. There are many places that will host your web site for free. Even if you have nothing to sell there are many, many affiliate programs. So having a web site and something to sell is fairly easy. The problem is getting people to visit your web site.

But what about all those people who promise you can make a fortune with just a few clicks of the mouse? Ask yourself this question. If these people are making so much money, why are they willing to sell you the secret? They do videos allegedly from exotic locations with pictures of yachts, mansions and flashy cars. Does it make sense to promote a product that gives away their “secret?”

Maybe it is just a newer version of the old “stuffing envelopes” scheme. You would respond to an ad promising money for stuffing envelopes by sending a few dollars and they would tell you to do what they are doing. So you place ads and people send you money and it goes on and on.

Of course today things are a bit more complex. Some of the promoters offer to build you a website or several cookie cutter web sites. Many provide CDs and instruction booklets. Once you are on one of their e mail lists you will get daily sales pitches for the latest money making scheme. Each scheme better than the last and requiring even less of your time. Of course they all require a payment.

If you pay attention (but not money) to the advertisements for a while you can pick up some useful information. For example; find a niche. Get yourself into a small corner of the very big room that is the Internet. One possibility, instead of dogs, try dog collars. Don't plan on making a lot of money right away and treat your Internet business as a job. If you spend 10 minutes a day on your Internet business you will be rewarded appropriately (not well).

There is a great deal of information on the Internet explaining how to make your web site more visible. Much of the information is free. If an advertisement promises you easy money with little work: do not fall for the scam. There are certainly legitimate companies which provide information for a fee. But prior to paying anyone learn the basics on your own. That way at least you will know what you are buying.

Copyright 2011 Jack Kean


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