It's A Kean World

The story of the KEAN family as told by Agnes Lunn, granddaughter of James Kean

August 28, 1978

In the 1850s the KEAN brothers (pronounced Kane in Minto) came from Perth, Scotland to settle on the 6th and 7th concession of Minto Township, about six miles from Harriston. James had 200 acres on the 7th and Peter had 200 acres on the 6th, facing lots 32 and 33.

Peter and his wife Margaret's children were Billy and Mary. Peter worked several summers outside the township at his carpentry trade and so had cleared only 12 acres, but the brothers had taken full advantage of their standing Maples and had 300 pounds of maple sugar on hand.

Peter Kean's grandson Warren Champ lived on the Century Farm in 1967. Kean's gravel pit on the 7th provided much of the gravel used in a century of roadbuilding in this part of the township. These pioneer families are buried in the Harriston Cemetery.

James Kean met Mary McCormack in Canada and they were married in Harriston. From this union there were seven children, five daughters and two sons. Minnie, Isabel, Annie, Flora, Mary, John and Donald.

Minnie married Hugh McDougall and settled on a farm near Innisfail, Alberta. Minnie died at age 54. Their family were Janet, Mary and Isabel. Janet married Hugh Centre. Their children are Hugh, Donald and Flora. Hugh married Flora . . . . . (who died in 1978 at the age of 51) They live near Innisfail, Alberta. Their daughter Sharon lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Donald is not married. Flora married . . . . Welsh but he died. Flora's children are Ken, Dennis and Brenda. Both Donald and Flora now reside in Chilliwack, BC. Mary never married and now lives in a nursing home “Autumn Glen Lodge” near Innisfail.

Isabel married Harry Meekan and lived near Innisfail. Isabel died in 1972. Their family, Joe and and Marion. Joe married Lorna (a widow with two children). They live on his father Harry's farm RR3, Innisfail. Harry remarried in 1978 and now lives in Bowden. Marion married Ed Lavelle in 1970 and live in Edson, Alberta. Their children are Vance, Brian and Dale.

Isabel married John Shaw and moved to Park River, North Dakota. John Shaw, along with other handsome gentlemen, dressed in big fur coats, came to Minto Township for the purpose of picking a bride. Isabel returned to Park River with him. She died at the age of 90 in 1961. Their family were Kathryn, James and Stanley. Kathryn married Melvin Jergenson and lived in Park River, North Dakota. Their children were Janis and Karen. Kathryn died in 1971. Janis married a black man and lived in California. Karen married Richard Moe and live near Park River, N.D. Their children are Shari and Janene. James, unmarried, died at an early age. Stanley married twice.

Annie married John Clark and went to Philadelphia. Their family were Mary, Wallace and Viola. Mary married Albert Veit (sp) no family. Wallace never married. Viola married Andy . . .. . , no family. All are deceased.

Flora married Dougal Lunn in 1902. They lived in Minto Township near Harriston, Ontario. Later they moved to Fergus and retired there. Dougal died at age 88 in 1965, Flora died at age 94 in 1968. They are buried in Harriston Cemetery. Their family Mary, Annie, Lila, Agnes and Andrew.

Mary was born in 1903 and died at the age of eleven months. She is buried in Harriston Cemetery.

Annie was born in 1904, married George Barber in 1937 and died in 1968. George died in 1970 and they are buried in Fergus Cemetery. Their family are

Vance, Eric and Agnes. Vance was born in 1938 married Lois Hayes in 1958. Their children are: Eric, Donna and Janet. Eric was born in 1960. Donna was born in 1963, Janet was born in 1964.

Agnes Mae was born in 1941 and married Joseph Woods in 1964, They live near Fegus and farm sheep. Their children are David b. 1965), Janice (b. 1966) and Dorothy Anne (b. 1978).

Lila was born in 1906 and married Hursley Darroch in 1928 in Harriston. Their family are Harold, Donald and John. Harold was born in 1932 and married Edith Crane in 1956. Donald was born in 1936 and married Faye Shortread in 1956. Their children are Jane and Tyler. John was born in 1938 and married Claire Turnbull in 1967. Their children Michael (b. 1969) and Stephen (b. 1972).

Agnes was born in Minto Township in 1908. Agnes never married.

Andrew was born in 1913 in Minto Township. He married Jean Holton in 1938. Their children are Judith and Robert.

Mary died at an early age.

John (JC Kean) married Susan Bushfield of Lakelet, in Howick Township, Huron County. John was a cheesemaker. They moved to a farm near Starkville, Mississippi. Their children are Betty, Isabel, Susan and John (Jack Kean Jr). Betty married Harris Turnipseed and their family are Johnny, Jimmy and Eddy. Isabel is unmarried. Susan married Robert Moates. John married and their family include Jack, Rebecca and Susan.

Donald went to Philadelphia to work in an office. He married and their family are Grace and Charles.

Donald MacCormack (sp) brother of Grandma Kean (JC Kean's mother) lived in Proton Township in Grey County. He was married and their family were Isabel, Mary, Sarah, Ellen and William.

. . . . . . MacCormack, sister of Grandma Kean married Alex Patterson. They lived on the 4th of Minto Township. Their family were Allan, Robert, Dan, George, Alex, John, Mary, Anne and Belle.

(Note By Jack C. Kean III: I find this confusing, but enough information that someone with the skill and determination to sort it out will find it useful. March 31, 2016)

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