Tea Party


Jack Kean


The dozens of us who watch MSNBC and their stellar line up of shows such as “Hardball” “The Ed Show” and Rachel Maddow have known for some time that the so-called Tea Party movement is a threat to our very existence.  It was not, however, until a New York Times poll outed the Tea Partiers for what they really are that the truth became clear for all to see.  Yes, the terrible tea party truth can no longer be denied by FOX News and their right wing ilk. 


Amazingly, the poll revealed that the tea party folks are (drum roll here) “better educated” than the population as a whole.  As young people say in text messages every day; “OMG.”  There are few things more potentially damaging to our form of government than educated people getting together in large groups.  So, throw out the old stereotype of rednecks and mid-western boobs.  Replace it with the awful image of fear mongering, well educated citizens.


But that is only the beginning.  The oh so well respected New York Times also determined that tea party participants are “older” than the average American.  It is enough to give you nightmares.  Can you imagine the horror of large numbers of old, educated people gathering together?  Oh the humanity of it.  I’m looking for a country where old, educated people are not allowed to gather together, maybe Venezuela.


Of course the true danger of the tea party movement is really exposed by the fact that it is “whiter” than the general population.  If you can stand it, please imagine a group of well educated, older, white people gathering together.  The image of burning cars and riot police surely comes to mind. 


As if to add insult to injury The New York Times reports that tea partiers are wealthier than the average Joe.  Talk about piling insult on top of injury.  These are the people who have worked hard, been successful and paid at least their fair share of taxes.   So what are they complaining about?  They’ve got theirs.  Sure some say they are worried about their children and grandchildren, but that’s clearly just a cover. 


Mr. Ed said this whole thing was created by FOX News.  You decide that one for yourself.  Of course if everyone watching the Ed Show got together you couldn’t fill the tables at your local McDonald’s.  Then there would be some question as to whether his viewers could even find the McDonald’s, but I digress.


To sum up this horrible situation; all over the nation, wealthy, old, white, and well educated people are peacefully gathering to protest an out of control government.  And just so you know, they welcome all including those with differing backgrounds.  It is ugly insurrection at its worst.


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