Self Destruction of United States






This three hour course will study the history of the United States.  We will explore why the United States was merely one of a long line of nations and nation states that began with noble ideals and ended when those ideals were corrupted by government profligacy.  We will only briefly touch on the leaders who brought down the country, but will try and develop a better understanding of the people and factors that both created and destroyed the nation in less than three centuries.    


 The United States, as you will learn, became a society unwilling to protect itself from those who would destroy it from without or within.  The destruction of the nation came quickly and oddly enough immediately followed a period when it was the most powerful nation on earth.  Within sixty years after what was called World War II, won by the United States, there was political, economic and military decline so rapid that it was barely noticed by the majority of citizens.


Attacks from without and within by religious terrorists were only partly responsible for the decline.  We will attempt to understand a concept known as political correctness which also seemed to prevent the adequate protection of the nation’s people.  An example of this political correctness might be that while the terrorists were all from one religion and primarily middle eastern, for fear of damaging individuals who met this profile, great effort was made not to investigate these individuals until after they had committed a terrorist act.


The political correctness went so far as to keep the government from even using the term terrorist.  While it seems difficult to believe now, many people died because of their unwillingness to identify and stop a known enemy.  Our course will discuss this seemingly unnatural failure of a basic human instinct; self preservation.


During the same period of time, early 21st century, government spending became enormous and unsustainable.  Health care, food, shelter, and many other goods and services were considered rights by the population.  In order to make certain that the populace were afforded these rights the government took more and more of the wealth of those who produced.  The obvious end result was less production of wealth.  This course will not only provide the factual data, but will attempt to understand the reasoning processes leading to the inevitable decline.


We will examine the destruction of health care brought on by passage of what was called universal health care.  Without going into great detail, it should be noted that this plan increased taxation and at the same time ended quality health care in the nation.  Within twenty years pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians, and many in related fields fled to tiny nations who welcomed their creativity. 


We will briefly explore their failure to control the nation’s borders which also contributed to the inability of the government to provide promised goods and services.  Aptly named illegal aliens by the millions lined up for health care and other services.  More and more the United States became a hodgepodge of people without a similar culture or language.  They divided themselves into groups each competing against the others for the ever shrinking wealth of the nation. 


We will examine what would make a nation refuse to utilize its own natural resources.  It will be clear that if the United States had used its own resources it would have survived much longer.  It was a nation that sent a substantial amount of its wealth overseas to countries that were not friendly, while at the same time refusing to use the resources under its own soil.


As we look back on failed nations it is always interesting to note how close they came to taking another path.  As we study the failure of this nation we will see that changing a few votes in their legislative branch could well have sent the country on an entirely different course.  In the case of the United States, however, the most interesting point is likely the extremely rapid decline.  Until that point in history no nation had reached such a peak and fallen to such depths in so short a time.


By focusing on a failed nation with every tool to be successful you should take from this course valuable lessons in self governance.    


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