Welcome Coach Mullen

Dear Editor,


As we conclude the first half of football season it is time to welcome Coach Mullen to the real world of MSU football.  To state the obvious; we are 2 and 4.  Three of the losses could have, and arguably should have, been victories.  The task ahead is even more daunting.  The next six opponents include two of the best teams in the country; two quality SEC opponents on their home fields and of course the big rivalry game.


 Coach Mullen also stated the obvious when he said that the team had not yet learned how to win.  The young men who wear the maroon and white today can hardly be blamed for that failing.  It is a failing of all associated with MSU and that certainly includes the fans.


The history of MSU football is one of close calls, bad calls and what might have been, seasoned with just a hint of glory.  MSU is firmly ensconced in the bottom half of the Southeastern Conference.  Having said that Coach Mullen; we do provide you with a basis for change.  In addition to the many diehard fans who show up without regard to the team’s record or the weather, there are thousands more just waiting for a reason to jump on the MSU football  bandwagon.  We wish they would get on board now, but fair weather fans are called that for a reason.  MSU is a great institution with forward thinking leadership in both the athletic department and administration. 


It is not without irony that we have turned our Southeastern Conference football team over to a man from New Hampshire.  We have done so with a promise of support, an understanding of the challenges and an expectation of better days ahead.  Welcome Coach Mullen to the world of MSU football.


Jack Kean

‘MSU 71            


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